Situated in Cyprus, where a thriving international business hub has emerged in recent decades, O. Shambartas purposefully embraces its role in this promising development, positioning itself at the forefront of legal changes and actively participating in the ongoing transformation of our island.

Founded in 2009, O. Shambartas is a modern Commercial Law Firm that was established with unwavering enthusiasm to dive headfirst into the worlds of business and law. Over the years, the firm has achieved notable successes but has also faced significant challenges, notably during the global financial crisis that affected Cyprus in 2013. These trials provided us with an opportunity to test our determination and resilience in navigating a demanding environment, ultimately leading to our growth and transformation into a mature firm well-prepared for the future.

We take pride in the fact that many of our valued clients have remained with us for years, placing their trust in us to handle their legal and tax matters.

In today's intricate and ever-changing business landscape, clients require a strategic partner who comprehends their objectives and can efficiently navigate the complex international regulatory and business environment. O. Shambartas fully understands our client's need for a competent legal firm that upholds confidentiality as a core principle and can offer a comprehensive approach by evaluating legal, compliance, and tax risks while providing accurate and sound advice. As a company, we have evolved and will continue to adapt to this role, aligning ourselves with the ongoing revolution in the business and technological realms.

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Number of Employees 1-50
O. Shambartas LLC
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30 Costa Anaxagora street, 1st Floor, Office 102 , Aglantzia , Nicosia 2014 , Cyprus

Orestis Shambartas
info [ at ] shambartas.com.cy
+357 22 007 888
+357 22 028 808
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